Going on vacation and you let the toothpaste ... what do you do? Are you going to the supermarket? No, in Utopia Beach House have a mini market where you can find all those little things you might miss essential on a trip, this open 24h.

The perfect barbecue for a good roast, designed for lovers of grilled meat. The BBQ, located on the side of the hotel has an area prepared to eat, so that you feel like in the field.
Available for guests (subject to availability)

- TV room / reading
On the ground floor, we have a space designed for our guests where you can read, relax or watch TV 40 "while you lie on couches, is like a living room that you really feel at home.

Parquin with capacity for 15 cars, located next to the hotel, perfect to leave the car at the weekend, a few hours or days. (Special rates for guests of Utopia Beach House)

-Chill out
Our chill-out is intended for those who want to have a good time in a nice place, you can sit, lie .... you can spend hours flying, the ideal place for lovers of relaxation, located in the rear of the hotel, summer is one of the best areas of Sitges. With bar-Cockteleria.

When you travel you usually have a problem with the clothes? What are you doing? You get a lot? Loads giant suitcase? In Utopia Beach House have the solution, a washer and dryer coin operated. Also be used by clients not hosted in our hotel.

-Community Kitchen
That's what is more expensive when you go on vacation? Meals truth?
In Utopia Beach House We have a fully equipped kitchen with 3 hobs, two spades, a microwave, an oven grill i 2 fridges besides all utensils you could need. Designed to enhance the relationship between our guests ... Who dares to do a cooking contest?
Do not forget to leave your recipes in the book Utopia Cook, our guest cookbook with recipes for them.

Next to the kitchen we have a community kitchen, equipped with picnic tables to eat, has tables on the porch so you can eat outside.

-Vending machines
Lest we miss anything vending machines that complement our mini market, where you can find both soda machines as jelly beans, potatoes, sweets and much more ...

-Pool / Foosball
Lest we get bored billiard and football, you lie a little game?

You're a musician, you know play an instrument? If you know you can play whenever you want in the music corner, we have a piano in the early 1900s, when we restore, we were within a calendar of 1902, perfectly preserved, is waiting for you to play a song.

All matches of the Champions League and you will see in the Utopia Beach House, here we hope to celebrate many titles ...

We Utopia bikes available to rent to our customers, if you want to do a bike ride, here is the solution ...